Saturday, 20 May 2017

Learning in Room 3

Nubaid is writing his pizza recipe. He remembered to use a full stop at the end of his idea.  Look at the yummy pizza he drew.

Asha and Alexa love to create things. Alexa made a pattern puppy.  She has been making repeating patterns at maths time. 

We do handwriting and skills work. 

Sim is following instructions to make a car. Rei can make transformers. He takes photos so we can make them too.

Science Week - Milk Mosaic

We put milk in a plate and dropped some food colouring in it.

We put some dish washing liquid on a cotton bud and dipped it into the milk.

The colours swirled away and made patterns and rainbows. The colours kept on moving by themselves.

Why does this happen ? 
The molecules of fat bend, roll, twist, and contort in all directions as the soap molecules race around to join up with the fat molecules. During all of this fat molecule gymnastics, the food coloring molecules are bumped and shoved everywhere, 

Science Week - Rolling Marbles

We rolled marbles by flicking the last marble. It stopped but the others kept rolling.
By Tracey

Science Week - Air Cannon

We banged the drum, then we got the air in our hair.
By Elisha

We banged the rubbish bin. My friends hair went up. When we banged the rubbish bin the candle went out.
By William

I hit the drum and it made the air come out. It made our hair blow. Me and Nubaid worked together.
By Ella B

Science Week - Run Away Pepper

We all had a fabulous learning time during Science Week, with lots of questions, investigations and experiments.

We put pepper and water and dishwashing liquid on a plate. It made the pepper run away because the pepper does not like it. The pepper can not get out.
By Ella L

We did some science. There was some pepper and some dish washing liquid on the stick. We dipped the stick in the water. The pepper ran away.
By Khami

We put the pepper in the plate of water. We put some dish washing liquid and the pepper went away. The pepper didn’t like the dish washing liquid.
By William

We put in pepper and water and dishwashing liquid. The pepper ran away because the pepper doesn’t like dishwashing liquid. The pepper can’t melt because it hates water. It goes to the sides.
By Jahviah

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Sports Day

We all had a great time at our sports day. Look at all the fun we had!

 Sports day for Year 1 and 2 on PhotoPeach

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Captain Cashtastic

Captain Cashtastic came to school. He taught us about coins and notes. 

We learned about keeping money safe.

We learned we use money to get what we need, then we can save for what we want.

Fire Wise

The fire engine came to school. Micah's uncle told us all about the fire engine and showed us the tools.

Rei thought he would like to be a fire fighter.

Ella thought the helmet was very heavy.

Miss Corrich and Mrs Speight had a race to get ready for the fire. They put on boots, trousers, a big jacket and a helmet. All these clothes keep fire fighters safe.

Room 3 Rimu Kids.

R - resilience
We keep on trying even when the work is tricky.
I - integrity
We do the right thing even if no-one is looking.
M -manaakitanga
We are good friends and respect and care for each other. We say kind words.
U - unity
We stand up proudly and we support each other. We work together.

We are all learners in Room 3.  When we sit on the mat we are ready to learn.

We know how to be active listeners.
Our eyes are looking.
Our ears are listening.
Our mouth is closed.
Our brain is thinking.
We are sitting still.

We work quietly.
We sit in our work space and focus on our learning.
We use a quiet, whisper voice when we talk about our work.

After lunch we get out a book and we read quietly.
We drink our milk while we are reading.

When we hear the bells we all freeze.
We stop and look and listen.
Then we all know what to do next.

We learn together in Room 3. We show manaakitanga. 
We can take turns and we can share.

We are all learners.