Saturday, 4 March 2017

Room 3 Rimu Kids.

R - resilience
We keep on trying even when the work is tricky.
I - integrity
We do the right thing even if no-one is looking.
M -manaakitanga
We are good friends and respect and care for each other. We say kind words.
U - unity
We stand up proudly and we support each other. We work together.

We are all learners in Room 3.  When we sit on the mat we are ready to learn.

We know how to be active listeners.
Our eyes are looking.
Our ears are listening.
Our mouth is closed.
Our brain is thinking.
We are sitting still.

We work quietly.
We sit in our work space and focus on our learning.
We use a quiet, whisper voice when we talk about our work.

After lunch we get out a book and we read quietly.
We drink our milk while we are reading.

When we hear the bells we all freeze.
We stop and look and listen.
Then we all know what to do next.

We learn together in Room 3. We show manaakitanga. 
We can take turns and we can share.

We are all learners.

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