Saturday, 20 May 2017

Science Week - Run Away Pepper

We all had a fabulous learning time during Science Week, with lots of questions, investigations and experiments.

We put pepper and water and dishwashing liquid on a plate. It made the pepper run away because the pepper does not like it. The pepper can not get out.
By Ella L

We did some science. There was some pepper and some dish washing liquid on the stick. We dipped the stick in the water. The pepper ran away.
By Khami

We put the pepper in the plate of water. We put some dish washing liquid and the pepper went away. The pepper didn’t like the dish washing liquid.
By William

We put in pepper and water and dishwashing liquid. The pepper ran away because the pepper doesn’t like dishwashing liquid. The pepper can’t melt because it hates water. It goes to the sides.
By Jahviah

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